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Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of taking your dog to be groomed, and when you picked him up, well...... it didn't quite look like what you thought?  You might have even wondered if it were your dog !  

At Madison Ridgeland Pet Grooming, the professional staff actually listens, to all request, providing detailed grooming to your specifications only.  We are not individuals seeking to learn the trade, we are seasoned, highly professional, experts already, and the difference will show ..

And, we use only the very highest quality products available today on the market, to insure those premium results.  So, why take chances?

Our goal simply is to satisfy you, our very valued customer, by keeping your dog looking, feeling, and smelling great, because it is so important to the vitality, and health of your animal.  Thank you, the Madison Ridgeland Pet Grooming staff
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